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Wazee Crane website design by DDA

Timken Power Systems approached Dynamic Digital Advertising with a specific marketing goal to effectively portray the company’s branding. With 12 websites, Timken Power Systems sought streamlined marketing across all of its brands, Wazee Crane being one of them.

While a slightly different design than the other Timken Power Systems websites, DDA was tasked with developing a unique, streamline website design for Wazee Crane, showcasing the company’s dedication to the crane industry. By developing a visually-compelling website centered around Wazee Crane’s existing branding, as well as through enhanced navigation and a clean-cut home page, DDA was able to reflect the company’s high standards and commitment to quality.

Through the use of a sleek design partnered with attractive photographs and color schemes, DDA’s professional web development and design teams created a website focusing around efficiency, user-friendliness, and quality.

DDA also provides augmented reality application design and development services, which allow users to interact with the world around them through their mobile device camera view by bringing up relevant graphics and information and manipulating virtual objects in 3D space.

Wazee Crane